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Sustainability Report 2023


Thank you for reading our Weetabix Food Company 2023 Sustainability Report.

This year, we have decided to change our report to offer a more digitally enabled experience, blending conventional pictures and words with specially created films and animations. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Over the past year, we have made steady progress with our Change for Even Better sustainability strategy. We know this has been another challenging year for everyone, as cost of living pressures continue to affect many aspects of life in the UK.

We also know progress on sustainability remains important to all our stakeholders, from employees and farmers through to consumers and local communities. That is why we are focused on providing tasty and nutritious products that help nourish the nation – and 100% committed to doing this in a sustainable way.

2023 Highlights

Pillar 1

98% of our ingredient suppliers have signed up to our updated procurement standard

Pillar 2

100% of our packaging is now widely recyclable

Pillar 3

Over 5 million litres of water are being saved annually by capturing and reusing condensate in our manufacturing process

Pillar 4

Over 3 million breakfasts donated to FareShare and Magic Breakfast in the past year to ensure healthy breakfasts for those who need them

Our business in numbers

Have a look at our video which highlights some of the key statistics for our business in 2023.

The Journey From Farm to Spoon

The 100% British wheat used to make Weetabix goes on a journey from field to bowl that has five key stages. We are working steadily to improve the sustainability of each stage.

Stages of Weetabix Stages of Weetabix

"Through Change for Even Better, our goal is to provide tasty, nutritious products that nourish the nation. We are committed to doing this in a sustainable way."

Our Strategy: Change for Even Better

2023 marks the fifth year since we formed the Change for Even Better sustainability strategy to draw together our initiatives and ambitions under a clear vision, supported by four key pillars of action – Sourcing Responsibility, Product Responsibility, Operational Responsibility, Social Responsibility.

The different pillars allow greater representation of departments across our company in the work to deliver our strategy. This adds value and ensures our progress is informed by colleagues with a broad range of perspectives.