Sourcing Responsibility

Pillar 1


Working Towards Net Zero Carbon Wheat

At Weetabix, we are committed to helping our farmers on their journey to producing net zero carbon wheat while enhancing soil quality, improving crop resilience and managing the risks presented by the uncertain environment in which they are working.

we’ve done

  • Maintained our commitment to source wheat from 50 miles from our Growers Group*.

  • Set up a group of pioneer growers and industry specialists to work together in understanding how to reduce the carbon footprint of the wheat they harvest. They have carried out detailed nitrogen monitoring on the 2023 harvest to directly assess impact of reduction initiatives on carbon emissions.

  • Sourcing soy, palm oil and cocoa through certified sustainable schemes.

  • Ensured that 98% of our ingredient suppliers are either signed up to our ethical terms for procurement or have equivalent policies in place.

*Farm office situated within 50 miles of Weetabix Mills

we’re doing

  • Continuing on our journey to understand how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing nitrogen fertiliser addition and soil management with our Growers Group pioneers.

  • Facilitating collaboration between merchants, industry specialists and wheat growers to help them support farmers’ transition to more sustainable farming practices.

  • Continuing to update our wheat growing protocol to reflect best practice and reflect changes in UK agricultural policy post Brexit.

"We require wheat grown to a clear set of standards in order to produce Weetabix Original biscuits. Following analysis of the quantity and quality available from this year’s harvest, we were delighted to once again be able to source 100% of our wheat for Weetabix Original from our Growers’ Group farming within 50 miles of our factory"

Focus on our 50 mile commitment

According to a study quoted by the United Nations, production of the food we eat could be responsible for more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. This means reducing food-related emissions is a crucial part of tackling climate change.

We believe that consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint can make a significant difference by looking at what they eat and choosing British foods with lower food miles where it is practical.

We source all the wheat for our core Weetabix range (Weetabix Original, Weetabix Chocolate, and Weetabix Banana flavour) from within a 50-mile radius of our Burton Latimer factory. This means our products offer a lower food mile choice for people to put into their bowls at breakfast time than many other options.