Pillar 3

Efficient Operations


Marko Vucenovic,
Energy and Utilities Manager, Pillar 3 lead


Although we are focused on making day-to-day progress with our efficiency programmes, we continue to formulate our longer-term plans so that we can hit our 2050 ambition of operating as a net zero business. This is going to help us track our progress and keep on improving our understanding, not only of our own operations, but also how best practice and technology out in the market is changing.

Marko Vucenovic,
Energy and Utilities Manager, Pillar 3 lead

What We’ve dONE

  • Signed a new contract for renewable green electricity up until the end of October 2025.

  • Completed condensate capture scheme within our factory to reduce annual water consumption by over 5 million litres.

  • Accelerated our multi-year multi-phase project to upgrade our transformers with high efficiency transformers.

  • A rolling programme of replacing and upgrading infrastructure across our manufacturing facilities where it will help improve our efficiency.

What we’re doing

  • Committing to SBTs that will drive further emissions reductions.

  • Upgrading our Combined Heat and Power Plant to improve its efficiency.

  • Investigating opportunities to reduce the energy demand of producing compressed air within our manufacturing process.

  • Exploring further ways to improve water management working to meet our target of reducing consumption by 20% by 2025.