Pillar 2



Mark Tyrrell , Packaging Development Manager, Pillar 2 Lead

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We’re working all the time to optimise the materials we use in our packaging so that we achieve the best balance of product protection and lowest impact. This helps make progress on the sustainability front, but it also ensures our business operates as efficiently as we can.

Mark Tyrrell , Packaging Development Manager, Pillar 2 Lead

What We've Done

  • Launched recyclable wrap for Weetabix to achieve a 20% reduction in carbon footprint.

  • Following successful changes across our product range, we will reach 100% recyclability for all our packaging by the end of November 2022.

  • Increased the amount of recycled plastic (rPET) in our On The Go Drinks bottles to 50% by 2022, and reduced the plastic used for each bottle by 15%.

What we’re doing

  • Making 100% of packaging recyclable by 2025.

  • Reduce carbon footprint of packaging by 10%.

  • Deliver an 18% reduction in plastic packaging (compared to 2007 levels) by 2025.

  • Launching 100% recyclable Alpen bags and Alpen bar packaging.