Pillar 1:



Peter Chandley,
Head of Quality and Food Safety, Pillar 1 Lead

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We want to get to a place where we can empower customers to use their buying power to choose lower carbon products. All of the work we’re currently doing with our farmers and across the business to reduce our carbon footprint will hopefully lead to producing a box of zero carbon Weetabix Original. That’s the goal.

Peter Chandley,
Head of Quality and Food Safety, Pillar 1 Lead

We've Done

  • of ingredient suppliers signed up to contracts with updated ethical standards.

  • Sourced 100% of wheat from within 50 miles of our factory in Northamptonshire for our Weetabix Original biscuits.

  • 50 Mile

    Sourced all the milk for Weetabix On The Go drinks from British dairy farms within a 50 mile radius of where they are made
    in Somerset.

  • Maintained 100% sustainable cocoa and palm oil certification and become members of the Round Table for Responsible Soy, supporting responsible production of Soy through the purchase of RTRS credits.

  • First carbon footprint study undertaken within Weetabix Growers’ Group.

Growers In Numbers


We're Doing

  • Repeating carbon footprint study with more farmers in 2023.

  • Working with groups of pioneer growers to evaluate new technologies to accelerate carbon reduction.

  • Developing Weetabix Wheat Protocol to drive further reductions in the carbon footprint and creating a roadmap to source carbon neutral wheat.

  • Working towards 100% of suppliers signed up to new contracts with updated ethical standards in 2023.