We speak to Harry Briggs, Multi-Skilled Engineering Apprentice here at Weetabix, about the Weetabix Apprenticeship scheme with Tresham College and his love for Red Bull and McLaren racing. 

What’s your role?

My role at Weetabix is as a Multi-Skilled Engineering Apprentice. As part of my training, I have been moving between different teams in the plant and I am now in the day shop. When I worked on the shop floor, I carried out planned and reactive maintenance, which included anything from visual inspections/ vibration monitoring to stripping down entire machines or pieces of equipment.  Now that the new engineering day shop has been set up, I am more involved in project work, which I really enjoy.

One of the projects I recently worked on was at the decommissioned Weetabix plant, stripping out a motor and pump. As a team, we completely stripped the pump down to its shell to see if we needed to replace any internal parts. This is just one type of the many great improvement projects I can be a part of.

How long have you been at Weetabix and why did you choose to join the Weetabix Apprenticeship Scheme?

I have been with Weetabix since August 2019. I left school after finishing my GCSEs and then attended Tresham College to do a level 3 BTech in electrical and mechanical engineering. As part of that course, we did 80 hours of work experience. I contacted Weetabix and asked if I could carry out this time with them, and they were happy to take me on. I then finished my work experience and was 100% sure that engineering was what I wanted to do.

I was then told by a friend that Weetabix was looking for apprentices, and I applied straight away. Even during the interview, the interviewers were nice and made you feel like you were a part of the team.

I was then contacted on my birthday and told I had got the position, which I was really happy about!

What has been the highlight of your experience at Weetabix so far?

The biggest highlight for me is making great friends with the colleagues I have around me. I have been welcomed into an amazing culture and am proud to say I am now a part of Weetabix.  Many of the people I have worked with have been inspirational.

What would your main piece of advice be for anyone looking to start an apprenticeship?

If you are ever unsure, do not be afraid to ask. When you start an apprenticeship, nine times out of ten, you probably won’t know/understand what to do. Your colleagues will understand this and are there to help. This will keep you safe and help you learn.

Anything you’d like to share with us about your role?

What I have realised while being an apprentice at Weetabix is that Weetabix wants the best from you and for you and pushes you to do your best. I have been able to work alongside great engineers and operators while at Weetabix and achieved things I didn’t think possible.

During my placement, I have had lots of training. I started my time in the Alpen Bars factory on day shifts. The team were really helpful in my first few months.  I then moved to the Alpen and Weetabix Minis factories.  

As I went into my second year, my training became really exciting as I was now able to use tools. I was also primarily based in the Minis factory which helped with building my knowledge for electrical competence. I really enjoyed the step up because I was able to get involved with bigger jobs. I have been lucky enough to be given my own projects to help improve safety in working practices and food safety. I definitely think that the teams in the factories have helped me become a hard-working individual and made my passion for engineering even stronger.

Tell us more about you outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to go out with my friends and watch F1 races. I am a massive fan of Red Bull and McLaren. Red Bull and their team are an engineering inspiration and are amazing at what they do.

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