Leadership Team

Dedicated, innovative, passionate about our products and ambitious for our future – meet the leadership team that’s driving us to change for better.

People often ask me what I'm most proud of at Weetabix, and it is impossible to say. The only thing i can say is what get gets me out of bed every morning, coming into work, is knowing I'm going to be surrounded by people who care as much about their job as i do mine. It really is a joy to be a part of the weetabix family.

Sally Abbott

Managing Director, UK and Ireland


I think there are many things that have changed and progressed in recent years at weetabix, but without doubt the thing that makes me happiest is when we see our team take on new challenges and roles, and grow and learn and develop.

Colm O’Dwyer

Commercial Director UK & Ireland


One of the really important aspects of my job is to make sure I create the right environment for people to come to work and be at their best. To feel like they can go the extra mile and have a load of fun while they're doing it.

Francesca Theokli

Marketing Director


The manufacturing team are here to deliver perfect product at the right cost to our customers. But most importantly, to do it safely - to be responsible for the safety of themselves and all of their colleagues.

Neil Chapman

Manufacturing Director


I head up two teams more commonly known as the HR and it teams, and in my opinion they come together as a powerful combination of people systems and processes that continue to make Weetabix a great place to do great work.

Stuart Branch

Group People and IT Director


I arrived at weetabix in 2017 and what immediately struck me was the passion that everyone had for the business. Everyone says they're proud to work for Weetabix, proud of the products that we make. In my finance team they're not saying that they're a 'credit controller' they're saying ' I work for Weetabix' and that passion for our products and what we do is across the whole business.

Bruce Condon

Finance Director