Weetabix Food Company has made further progress in reducing its gender pay gap, closing the median gap to 4.4 percent from 6.6 percent last year. This compares to a UK average of 17.3 percent in 2019.

Reducing the gender pay gap is an ongoing process and the Weetabix Food Company has been striving towards ensuring there is no unconscious bias in the workplace.

In the last 12 months, the company amplified the impact of its inclusion and diversity forum, ‘Inclusion without Exception’, which was set up two years ago, to create space for individuals to raise concerns, celebrate successes, educate colleagues and develop the inclusive culture further.

Ongoing inclusion training has taken place for team members and Weetabix Food Company ran its second inclusion maturity study this year, helping them to listen to their colleagues and give people a chance to share their views on key themes, via a series of focus groups.

Stuart Branch, Group People & Technology Director, Weetabix Food Company, said: “It’s been a difficult and unique year for the food and drink sector. With more people eating breakfast at home, the cereal category has continued to perform well, and we’re extremely proud of and grateful to our extraordinary Weetabix Food Company employees who have worked tirelessly to deliver a continuous supply of our delicious breakfast products to keep the nation fed.

“Throughout Covid, we have continued to make strides with our inclusion strategy, helping our people continue to make the difference every day. While we’re still on a journey to further reduce our gender pay gap, we’re pleased with our results and the additional inclusion strategies that we have implemented in the last year.

“Our intention is to help people live better lives by providing better breakfasts, and that starts by creating a work environment which encourages people to bring their best self to work.”

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